1. External Ceiling Mount

    Taoglas Ceiling Mount Antenna CM.02 is a wideband antenna solution, 700 MHz to 6GHz, covering all cellular, WiFi and WiMax applications in one antenna

  2. External GSM-CDMA-Cellular - Omni-Directional Outdoor Antennas

    Taoglas Barracuda range of Omni directional base station antennas

  3. External GSM-CDMA-Cellular Adhesive Mount

    Adhesive mount antennas are ideal for covert or glass / plastic installations..

  4. External GSM-CDMA-Cellular Magnetic Mount

    Magnetic mount antennas are used for automotive appications...

  5. External GSM-CDMA-Cellular Road Marker Antenna

    Taoglas has designed an efficient quad band antenna inside a US standard raised non reflective roadmarker.

  6. External GSM-CDMA-Cellular Screwmount

    For ultimate perfomance consider using roof mount antennas...

  7. External GSM-CDMA-Cellular Terminal Antennas

    Terminal antennas for wireless application point use...

  8. External GSM-CDMA-Cellular Wall Mounted antennas

    Wall mounted antennas for higher gain requirements..

  9. Internal - GSM-CDMA-Cellular Digital Tunable Antenna

    Digital Tunable Antennas(DTA) antennas deliver higher efficiency on smaller ground-planes than traditional passive antennas

  10. Internal Flexible PCB antennas - FXP Series

    Ultra-low profile flexible Polymer antennas

  11. Internal GSM-CDMA-Cellular SMT Antennas

    Unique world-leading SMT GSM and UMTS antennas...

  12. Internal PCB - FCA Series - PC29

    Our forward compatible series feature Penta-band GSM rectangular antennae, 80mm*30mm*0.8mm...

  13. Internal PCB - General

    Taoglas GSM/Cellular PCB antennas are the lowest cost and flexible design solution..

  14. Internal PCB - HP Series - PC30-PC104

    High Performance Penta-Band PCB Antenna Range

  15. Internal PCB - UMA Series - PC27

    Our Ultra-miniature series is 34*7*0.8mm, with customizable cable and connector types...