Taoglas are the world's leading GPS antenna provider. We have a complete range of internal and external GPS antennas. We have developed our own very popular internal AP series - the smallest active GPS antenna solution in the market.

Also available are external GPS antennas for navigation and location based services. If you are not sure which is antenna is right for your device please refer to our selection guide. If you require a custom internal antenna please refer to our solutions page.

  1. External GPS - Adhesive Mount

    Adhesive mount antennas for covert or glass / Plastic installations...

  2. External GPS - Magnetic Mount

    Magnetic mount antennas are ideal for telematic applications...

  3. External GPS - Screw Mount

    For ultimate GPS perfomance the Hercules screw mount offers an uninterrupted view of the sky in a rugged form factor....

  4. External GPS-GLONASS - Adhesive Mount

    GPS-GLONASS adhesive mount antennas for covert Glass mount or plastic mount

  5. External GPS-GLONASS - Magnetic Mount

    Designed for apllications which require high positional accuracy by combining signals from GPS and Glonass

  6. External GPS-GLONASS - Screw Mount

    GPS and GLONASS bands allow the antenna to see the maximum amount of satellites in the sky

  7. External GPS-GLONASS-BeiDou - Magnetic Mount

    The MagmaX and Magma solutions are for GPS/GLONASS/BeDou applications

  8. External GPS-GLONASS-BeiDou Screw Mount

    Hercules GEN II - Straight Screw mount GPS-GLONASS-BeiDou

  9. External GPS-GLONASS-BeiDou Terminal Antennas

    Exciting range of high efficiency monopole antennas, providing coverage among GPS, GLONASS, and BEIDOU frequencies

  10. Internal GPS - Active Loop Module

    The active loop antenna ALA.01 is best suited for applications where omni-directionality is important

  11. Internal GPS - Active Patch Modules

    The world's smallest active high performance patch antenna modules....

  12. Internal GPS - Passive Ceramic Patch Antennas

    Taoglas offer a complete range of passive ceramic patch antennas...

  13. Internal GPS - Passive SMT Mount Ceramic Patch Antennas

    Unique world-leading SMT GPS Passive Ceramic antennas...

  14. Internal GPS - SMT Loop Antennas

    Miniature On-Board Ceramic Loop Antenna

  15. Internal GPS-Galileo-GLONASS-BeiDou Active Patch Modules

    Embedded Active Patch Antenna Modules with Front-End SAW Filters

  16. Internal GPS-GLONASS Ceramic Patch Antennas

    Taoglas have 25*25mm and 35*35mm Patch antennas for GLONASS

  17. Internal GPS-GLONASS SMT Ceramic Patch Antennas

    Unique world leading SMT Mount GPS-GLONASS Ceramic Antennas

  18. Internal GPS-GLONASS-Beidou Ceramic Patch Antennas

    GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU patch antenna's wide band of operation leads to excellent gain and radiation pattern stability on all three GNSS system bands

  19. Internal GPS-GLONASS-Beidou SMT Loop Antennas

    Miniature On-Board Ceramic Loop Antennas

  20. Internal GPS-GLONASS-GNSS Active Patch Modules

    Taoglas offer a new range of GPS-Glonass-GNSS Modules

  21. Internal GPS-GLONASS-GNSS Flexible Loop Antenna

    The Cloud Flexible Polymer Peel and Stick Antenna for GPS-GLONASS-COMPASS Navigation Systems