Internal GPS-GLONASS-GNSS Flexible Loop Antenna

Internal GPS-GLONASS-GNSS Flexible Loop Antenna

In addition to GPS, other navigation systems are now in use  such as the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) and the European Union Galileo Positioning System. With the development of China's BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), the demand  for  antennas which operate at  different systems  is quite urgent.

This convenient “peel and stick” flexible polymer antenna is designed for applications which require high positioning accuracy using GPS , GLONASS functions on modern day GNSS systems and BeiDou that provides not only location and time information, but also communication services.

The FXP.611 Cloud, is a GPS/Glonass flexible loop antenna that outperforms most active patch antennas with an efficiency of 80% and a peak gain of 3dBi across the GPS and Glonass bands (1575 to 1610Mhz). This antenna has a unique ability to resist external detuning effects due to dual resonance and has a small form factor of 38x37x0.1mm.  


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  • The Cloud GNSS Flexible Loop Antenna
  • 1559-1610MHz
  • 3dBi Peak Gain - 80% Efficiency
  • Peel and Stick
  • 92mm 1.37OD Cable and IPEX MHFI(U.FL comp)
  • Dims: 38mm*37mm*0.15mm
  • *Patent Pending*
FXP611.07.0092C Datasheet Download