Internal GPS - SMT Loop Antennas

Internal GPS - SMT Loop Antennas

Taoglas have developed a ceramic miniature loop antenna solution for GPS wireless communications.

The GLA.01 for 1575MHz have efficiencies of between 40-90%, this loop antenna shows at least three times the efficiency of traditional chip antennas. At a size of 5*3*0.5mm  no other antenna in the market can meet the same size and efficiency combination.

The GLA.01, at 0.5mm high is a low profile solution, it also has a small footprint size and would be suitable for devices that have space constraints.

Based on the loop effect the GLA antenna works best when placed on the centre of the edge of the board, but can still work better than traditional linear polarized chip antennas even when placed at corners as substitute.

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  Model Description Datasheet


  • 2.5dBi 1575MHz Miniature Ceramic Loop Antenna
  • Low Profile
  • SMT Process Compatible
  • 5*3*0.5mm
GLA.01 Datasheet Download