NFC Tag Antenna

NFC Tag Antenna

Taoglas have developed a new range of NFC (Near Field Communications) antenna and tag solutions. This year 1.4BN cellphones will ship and up to 40% will have a NFC tag. This means many devices can become a NFC reader to everyone’s cellphone by implementing the technology inside their own device. For this they will require a NFC antenna. Taoglas also has the NFC tags available if required. By implementing NFC you open your device up as mobile payment terminal.

Taoglas have also released a passive NFC tag antenna, the FXT.01. It measures 45x34x0.1mm. This is also a peel and stick flexible polymer tag solution. The tag design requires no additional matching components and is ready for direct connection to an NFC chip. Like the FXR.01 the FXT.01 is dimensioned to provide interrogation capability out to 5 cm. distance. This standard antenna tag is also manufactured in a Taoglas’ flexible polymer material for ease of use and installation.

With NFC tags being commonly attached to the battery of mobile devices, the NFC tag can be customized with a ferrite layer to provide isolation from the battery or other components in the device the tag is integrated in.

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