Satellite - Iridium Internal Antennas

Satellite - Iridium Internal Antennas

The Taoglas Iridium® IP.1621 ceramic patch antenna is a low profile (4mm) small footprint antenna (25*25mm) designed for Iridium® devices. It has been specifically designed to provide excellent coverage in the 1616.0 to 1626.5 MHz range.

This ceramic patch offers typical gain of 2dBi Gain at Zenith, the IP.1621 patch antenna is right hand circularly polarized thus matching the characteristics of the actual signal itself.

These patches are  mounted via pin and double-sided adhesive and have been selected as the optimal solutions for the customer device environment.

Iridium® has certified  the  IP.1621.25.4.A.02  Antenna  for  commercial  use  in  connection  with  the  Iridium Communications System as follows: Equipment Description:    IP.1621.25.4.A.02 AntennaTest Description: Testing based on Iridium Compliance and Test Requirements for Antenna Products.

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  • Passive Iridium® Ceramic Patch
  • 1616~1626.5MHz
  • Mounted with pin and adhesive tape
  • 25mm*25mm*4mm
IP.1621.25.4.A.02 Datasheet Download