External - 2.4-4.9GHz to 6GHz Adhesive Antennas

External - 2.4-4.9GHz to 6GHz Adhesive Antennas

The WA.500w Stingray is a high efficiency, high gain adhesive mount dual band wireless antenna. Its high quality low profile covert housing can be attached onto the glass or plastic. The WA.500w is designed for applications that require omni-directional gain across both bands to ensure wide coverage area and constant reception and transmission for Wi-Fi and Zigbee applications.

Coupled with superior performance, and the ability to offer custom gain solutions and full test reports with your system, the quality design of the Stingray makes it a step beyond any competitor solution on the market.

Cables and connectors are fully customizible.


Full line of External - 2.4-4.9GHz to 6GHz Adhesive Antennas

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  • Wide-band 4G LTE I-Bar Adhesive Antenna
  • 698-960/1575.42/1710-2700/5150-5850MHz
  • Efficiency >44% across all bands
  • 1M NFC-200 SMA(M)
  • 176mm*59mm*11.6mm
GSA.8841.A.105111 Datasheet Download


  • Stream- GPS/GLONASS-Cellular/GSM- Wi-Fi
  • GPS/GLONASS – 1575/1602MHz – 3M RG-174 SMA(M) 1.92dBi+ Gain
  • Cellular 698-2170MHz - 3M CFD-200 SMA(M)
    2dBi+ Gain/37%+ Efficiency
  • Wi-Fi/Public Safety/Zigbee 2.4/4.9~6GHz - 3M CFD-200 RP-SMA(M)
    1.5dBi+ Gain/30%+ Efficiency
  • Dims: 200.5* 66.5*9mm
  • Waterproof IP67 Rated
MA230.LBC.002 Datasheet Download


  • Stingray Adhesive Mount
  • Dual Band 2.4-2.5 GHz, 4.9-6.0 GHz
  • 2.4GHz~2.5GHz Band - 2dBi/40% Efficiency
  • 4.9GHz~6GHz Band - 3dBi/50% Efficiency
  • Rated IP-65 
  • RG-174 – 3M, RP-SMA(M) Plug Connector
  • Cable and Connector Customizible
WA.500w.301151 Datasheet Download