External - 2.4GHz Omni Directional Outdoor Antennas

External - 2.4GHz Omni Directional Outdoor Antennas

Taoglas range of Omni directional base station antennas are the starting point for any mesh network solution. An Omni directional antenna means that the power is radiated uniformly in all directions. In practice no antenna is truly 100% Omni-directional. The best one can achieve is an antenna which has a doughnut shaped radiation pattern all around the antenna housing itself such as these “Omnis”. Omnis give the best value because they give maximum coverage range in the horizontal (azimuth) plane in 360 degrees thus minimizing the amount of nodes needed for a mesh network.

Our high quality fiber-glass housings are more robust and safer than traditional whip antennas.

They can be connected directly to the access point or telemetry unit or they can be fixed to a pole or wall and connected via any type of customer specified cable and connector.

The Barracuda range includes antennas for the most widely used license free bands; 433, 868, 915 and 2400 MHz, as well as cellular solutions for GSM. A solution at any frequency can be considered and the housing and gain itself can be customized to suit any access point or unit including connector type, color, and specification. Contact us today to request a proposal on your base station antenna requirement.

How to purchase our Products: Please Contact Us for large volume or OEM enquiries or for local support view our list of distributors. You can also contact Taoglas if you have any queries about our products, would like to become a distributor, or require a Custom solution.


Full line of External - 2.4GHz Omni Directional Outdoor Antennas

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  • Barracuda - 2.4-2.5GHz 8dBi Omni-Directional Outdoor Antenna
  • N Type Female
  • Fixed Bracket
  • 523mm Length
OMB.242.08F21 Datasheet Download