Internal - 2.4GHz SMT Antennas

Internal - 2.4GHz SMT Antennas

Taoglas have developed a range of SMT Solutions for Wi-Fi.

The WLA.01 a ceramic miniature loop antenna for 2.4GHz wireless communications. The WLA.01 has been designed for WLAN, Zigbee and Bluetooth mobile devices and modules, which have very small space requirements. This antenna has efficiencies of between 40-80%+, it shows at least three times the efficiency of the existing traditional chip antennas from leading brands on small board sizes. The antenna works best when mounted on centre-edge of a device board and following the clearances as in the specification. It can still work on the edge when not centre mounted. 

At a size of 3.2*1.6*0.6mm no other antenna range in the market can meet the same size and efficiency combination.

The major advantage of a Loop antenna is that it is relatively insensitive to detuning by the surrounding environment.  Its performance is independent of objects in its near field, or reactive field space, making it an excellent choice for Hand-held Devices, Bluetooth Earphone systems, and any Devices using a Zigbee protocol. It is ideal for use in a ZigBee mesh network which provides higher reliability and a larger range for wireless control and monitoring applications, e.g. Smart Metering, Automated Meter Reading, Home Control Applications, Medical Devices, Non-Medical Personal Devices, Telecoms Applications, Asset Tracking, and Structural Monitoring etc. 

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  Model Description Datasheet


  • 2.5dBi 2.4GHz High Efficiency Loop Antenna
  • Low Profile
  • WLAN/WIFI/Bluetooth/Zigbee
  • 3.2*1.6*0.5mm
WLA.01 Datasheet Download