Internal - 2.4GHz SMT Patch Antennas

Internal - 2.4GHz SMT Patch Antennas

Taoglas unique SMT (Surface Mount Technology)  patches are designed to meet the requirements of high volume applications that need to avoid manual assembly processes.

Taoglas have introduced a 12*12*4mm; high gain; 2.4GHz SMT patch antenna, which  is ideally suited for high performance industrial applications in Wi-Fi, ISM, Zigbee bands. This product has highest gain in the XZ (azimuth) plane direction, most suitable for fixed wireless applications where transmission and reception is focused to one hemisphere of the device, for example a wireless meter on a reinforced concrete wall. It can also be placed anywhere on the device ground-plane, unlike most chip or loop antennas which need to be edge mounted.

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Full line of Internal - 2.4GHz SMT Patch Antennas

  Model Description Datasheet


  • SMT Mount Ceramic Patch Antenna
  • 2450MHz
  • Delivered on tape & reel and
  • Mounted during standard reflow process
  • 12mm*12mm*4mm
SWLP.2450.12.4.B.02 Datasheet Download