External Ceiling Mount

External Ceiling Mount

Taoglas Ceiling Mount Antenna CM.02 is a wideband antenna solution, 700 MHz to 6GHz, covering all cellular, WiFi and WiMax applications in one antenna. The antenna has high peak gain and efficiency across all bands enabling very wide coverage areas and high speed data rates. The radiation pattern has excellent omni-directional properties at all frequencies, a unique feature of this wide-band antenna compared to other designs in the market which tend to have nulls at certain bands. This antenna would provide all CPE and Hotspot needs literally “under one roof”.

The attractive, extremely light, and covert design allows the antenna to be easily mounted on a ceiling, and would be suited to any indoor area that would require a Wireless Network - Hotels, Conference Centre’s, Exhibition Halls, Offices, retail outlets etc. The design is not obtrusive, only 97.5mm in height, and would blend in to any environment.


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  • Ceiling-mounted 3dBi Wide-band Antenna 700MHz to 6GHz
  • 0.3M RG-58 Standard N Type Female
  • Height 97.5mm Diameter 167.5mm
CM.02 Datasheet Download