Taoglas’ high efficiency ultra wide band antenna solutions have been designed to meet the demands of WiMAX applications such as Smart Grid, Smart Metering, Remote Monitoring and Wireless Broadband.

The total WiMAX antenna mesh solution is available – base station, remote / external antennas and antenna solutions for the end user or field device itself. Developed from years of cellular antenna design experience the range delivers the increased bandwidth required for WiMAX without performance compromise.

Sector Antennas, CPE Antennas and a Flexible Circuit Embedded range are now available. Please check back shortly for new releases.

The SA Series of 5GHz Sector antennas utilizes an advanced antenna electrical design and benefits include more suppressed upper sidelobes. This results in a greater signal to noise ratio in the network and more network efficiency.

The SA.Panel.30 is a dual polarised CPE Antenna (two ports) available for WiMAX 3300-3800MHz. Taoglas CPE solutions can be tailored specifically to any WiMAX CPE equipment requirement.

The FXP400 series is a flexible circuit antenna range of embedded solutions for mobile devices that are required to send and receive WiMAX. Flexible circuit offers benefits of high efficiencies at high frequencies, like WiMAX and you can save space in your design by mounting the antenna directly onto the enclosure or edge of the board itself.

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