Smart Grid - Utility Monitoring Applications

Below is a list of common smart grid and utility monitoring applications where our antennas are used, and a recommendation of our most popular and high performance solutions for each application, follow the links on each product for more details. For more information on any of the antennas please contact us.

Market Application Mounting Environment Wireless Application Part Number and Description
Smart Grid / Utilities Electric / Gas / Water External Cellular G.21 Hercules - Screw-Mount, Penta-Band Cellular
TG.09 - Penta-Band Hinged Rotatable Monopole Antenna
FW.90 - Penta-Band Flexible Inner Steel Core Monopole Whip
ISM 169MHz FW.80 Meteor 169MHz Flexible Whip Monopole Antenna
ISM 433MHz IS.01.B - Screw-Mount, ISM 433MHz
ISM 868MHz IS.04.B - Screw-Mount, ISM 868MHz
ISM 915MHz IS.05.B - Screw-Mount, ISM 915MHz
2.4/5GHz WS.01 - Screw-Mount, 2.4GHz
GPS A.01.C - Screw-Mount, GPS
A.03.B - Screw-Mount, GPS
Combination MA.104 Hercules - Screw-Mount, 1 in 1 GPS/Cellular
MA.501 - Screw-Mount, 2 in 1 GPS/2.4GHz
MA.600 Spartan - Screw-Mount, 3 in 1 GPS/Cellular/2.4GHz
Internal Cellular FXP.14 - Hepta-Band Cellular 1575MHz GPS Flexible Polymer
PA.25 - Hexa-Band SMT Cellular Ceramic PIFA
ISM 433MHz FXP240 - 433MHz Flexible Polymer PCB Antenna
ISM 784MHz FXP270 - 784GHz Flexible Polymer PCB Antenna
ISM 868MHz FXP280 - 868MHz Flexible Polymer PCB Antenna
ILA.02 - 868Mhz Ceramic Loop Antenna
ISM 915MHz FXP290 - 915MHz Flexible Polymer PCB Antenna
ILA.01 - 915MHz Ceramic Loop Antenna
2.4GHz WPC.25 - 2.4GHz Patch Antenna with cable and connector
WLP.25 - 2.4GHz Patch Antenna
SWLP.12 - 2.4GHz SMT Patch Antenna
FXP.72 - 2.4GHz Flexible Polymer PCB Antenna
FXP.73 - 2.4GHz Flexible Polymer PCB Antenna
WLA.01 - 2.4GHz Ceramic Loop Antenna
2.4/5GHz FXP.810 - 2.4/5GHz Dual-Band Flexible Polymer PCB Antenna
FXP.830 - 2.4/5GHz Dual-Band Flexible Polymer PCB Antenna