Where to begin?

The antenna is the most common point of failure in the approval processes for wireless devices. Many components behave the same from device to device. This is not the case with antennas — embedded and external. The antenna is a vital part of the system.

Any antenna will behave differently from device to device. It is important to plan antenna design and integration carefully from the very beginning of any wireless device design. We need to consider:

  • The application (e.g. telemedical, vehicle tracking, metering)
  • The device functionality (e.g. camera with GPS, medical device using GPRS etc)
  • Where the device will be mounted (e.g. handheld, on a building, in a car)
  • Markets (e.g. worldwide, USA only)
  • Approvals required (e.g. FCC, SAR, PTCRB, network approvals)

With that in mind please talk to us for a no obligation initial consultation on where to begin.

1st (Sales) Consultation

  • General Antenna and RF Introduction (for beginners)
  • Define Target Specification
  • Review Market Requirements (Approvals)
  • General layout guidelines
  • Do's and don'ts

2nd (Engineering) Consultation

  • Taoglas engineering review initial drawings
  • 2D & 3D files / photo's
  • Layout check
  • Initial prototype to Taoglas
  • Engineering report

Service Level Agreement Draft

  • Process Steps
  • Estimated performances of various solutions
  • Estimated Design Costs
  • Estimated Tooling Costs
  • Estimated Testing Costs
  • Estimated Approval & Certification Costs
  • Individual customer requests
  • Estimated Schedules