Apollo EMM100.A 71-76GHz E-Band Massive MIMO Scalable 2×2 Array

The 71-76GHz (and 81-86GHz) bands are permitted worldwide for ultra-high capacity point-to-point communications. This 10GHz of spectrum represents the greatest number allocated at any one time, enabling fiber-like gigabit per second (Gbps) and greater data rates that cannot be achieved at the bandwidth-limited lower microwave frequency band.

The Apollo EMM100.A antenna is designed to be integrated with 5G NR (New Radio) where the waveguide antenna has a UG 387/U Flange which mates with WR 12 waveguide connector ports of the 5G NR. Typical application is with the new NI 5G transceiver system.

Point-to-Multipoint Applications include; high-definition video streaming, file transfer, wireless Gigabit Ethernet, wireless docking station and desktop point to multi point connections and wireless ad hoc networks.

Point-to-Point Applications include; wireless backhaul for 3G and 4G mobile communications and video relay of uncompressed HDTV.