Barracuda Antennas for LoRa Basestations

Barracuda Antennas for LoRa Basestations 1

Our Barracuda OMBs are extremely popular antennas for use in LoRa basestations or other ISM applications. The 12 dBi fiberglass outdoor omnidirectional antenna collinear dipole design means it sits uniformly in the azimuth with a high gain, providing coverage over long distances, thus minimizing the number of cells or nodes needed in a network.

LoRa is a proven technology deployed in millions of sensors and is becoming widely used worldwide because it is easy to install, highly economical, and flexible to adapt to any use case. Applications for LoRa include, environmental monitoring such as air pollution monitoring, water flow monitoring, waste management, and irrigation for use in the agricultural and farming sectors. Smart city applications include smart parking, lighting, and warehouse and logistics management.

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