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Employee Spotlight

Shane Bradley

Shane Bradley is head of Customer Experience for IoT. He works across all departments to ensure customers have a smooth journey from onboarding, offering analysis and assistance throughout their projects. He also manages post-launch support and warranty.

Employee Testimonial


Why did you choose to work at Taoglas?

It’s not difficult to see that Taoglas has taken a lead in the Antenna and IoT industry, making waves across Medical, Automotive and Genset in particular. I had colleagues I worked with previously who moved to Taoglas – when they explained the culture and trajectory of success, coupled with my strong interest in IoT; it seemed too good of an opportunity to pass up. There’s no blueprint to life but the choice felt right, and I’m delighted I trusted my instinct.

How has Taoglas supported you in your career?

Taoglas has been incredible for flexibility in how I have engaged in my work, giving me the opportunity to implement my own approach, and to dive into the different divisions rather than pigeonhole me into a specific area. It’s accelerated my understanding of the industry and to appreciate the work my talented colleagues do.

How is Taoglas different from other companies?

There’s a great comradery among the different divisions, everyone is ready to help in anyway; even if it’s outside of their role and comfort zone, it gives the feeling that you’re not isolated to a specific team, therefore gives you the ability to deliver above and beyond.

What motivates you at work?

Delivering something that you know is going to affect thousand of people, streamlining processes so you know everything is running better because of your input, mentoring and empowering your colleagues to give them the tools to succeed.

What advice do you have for people just starting out in their career in your field?

Get to know your customers and make their problems your own, empathy is an incredible tool, and you’ll not only get a great of sense of fulfilment, but you’ll also build rapport. If you’re not under pressure, help someone who is. Be firm when you need to, but the route of “kill them with kindness” works in most situations. Always engage with people like they’ve something meaningful to say – you’ll find it gives them a chance to show they do. Try to socialise with your team outside of work, it will help to bond with your colleagues, and it’s just great craic!