PA.740.A Covering 3.5GHz & 4.8GHz NR bands for China Launched at MWC19 Shanghai

3.5GHz & 4.8GHz NR bands for China is Here SAN DIEGO – June 25, 2019 – Taoglas, a leading provider of IoT antenna and RF solutions, today announced an addition to their hugely successful Warrior series, the PA.740.A Covering 3.5GHz & 4.8GHz NR bands for China antenna, at the 2019 MWC Shanghai. With additional LTE […]

5G Antenna Technology

5G innovation will enable an era of connectivity like never before. Anticipated experiences from autonomous driving, tactile internet, Ultra HD video and VR based immersive technologies. Capacity-hungry communications will see demands for higher throughput, better spectral efficiency, ultra-low latency and over 100 times the current number of connections. Taoglas are continuously at the forefront of […]

5-6GHz C-Band Massive MIMO Phased Array

Aurora CMM.100.A 5-6GHz C-Band Massive MIMO Phased Array The Aurora Massive MIMO Phased Array is a dual polarised 5G-ready antenna array which uses Massive MIMO to achieve high data rates. It is designed for future 5G application where high gain directive beams will be needed to address the high-bandwidth demands of a fixed or mobile […]

VSF100.A 55GHz Fixed Beam Array

The 16×16 Planar Patch Fixed Beam Array Antenna can be used for base station point-to-point/multipoint links. This high-gain array provides coverage by use of satellite communication at Ka-band. The antenna can be integrated in 5G V-band Access Point to provide omnidirectional coverage once stacked in 120 degree or 90 degree sectors. Future applications for V-Band […]

27-28.5GHz Ka-Band Antennas

Raven KSF300.A 27-28.5GHz Ka-Band Phased Array Fan Beam Antenna The Raven 27-28.5GHz Phased Array Fan Beam Antenna is ideal for User Equipment for client side integration or inside a Ka-band 5G Access Point. Its small size, extremely lightweight structure and low profile make it suitable for integration in different types of customer device environments. The […]

Apollo EMM100.A 71-76GHz E-Band Massive MIMO Scalable 2×2 Array

The 71-76GHz (and 81-86GHz) bands are permitted worldwide for ultra-high capacity point-to-point communications. This 10GHz of spectrum represents the greatest number allocated at any one time, enabling fiber-like gigabit per second (Gbps) and greater data rates that cannot be achieved at the bandwidth-limited lower microwave frequency band. The Apollo EMM100.A antenna is designed to be […]