WCM.02.005D111 – A Two Monopole Antenna for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Two Monopole Antenna for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth The WCM.02 2.4GHz antenna is a compact, low-profile two monopole external antenna for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A unique PIFA design provides omnidirectional gain across 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz, ensuring constant reception and transmission for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications.  

Stratus WCM.10 – Drone Antenna for High Definition Video Streaming

The Stratus WCM.10 antenna is a Drone Antenna, useful for high definition video streaming.  It boasts an exceptionally high efficiency of nearly 70% allowing it to meet the high throughput demands of drone applications, especially high definition video streams. The Stratus comes in a compact size, at only 34.87*30.73*17 mm, enabling flexibility of integration. It […]

We Can Expect To See Plenty of Innovative Disruption Caused by IoT In 2018

2017 brought the dawn of 5G technology, emerging solutions for the smart home, smart terminals and smart city applications, such as the widespread adoption of connected city bikes, smart trash, and the application of drones and sensors. The past year has also seen the beginning of the true emergence of connected cars delivering the promise of public safety.  We […]

5G LTE Antenna Technology

5G innovation will enable an era of connectivity like never before. Anticipated experiences from autonomous driving, tactile internet, Ultra HD video and VR based immersive technologies, all capacity-hungry communications, will see demands for higher throughput, better spectral efficiency, ultra-low latency and over 100 times the current number of connections. Taoglas are continuously at the forefront […]

Taoglas LDS Optimises Performance in the Wearables Market

This LDS case study comprises of how Taoglas engineers assisted in the development of the SmartWatch antenna. Outlined here is how the customer received consultation services in the design, optimisation, and execution of their unique antenna designed for the SmartWatch. As seen in a previous case-study ‘Taoglas LDS Solutions For The Automotive Industry’ the highly innovate […]

Taoglas LDS Solutions For The Automotive Industry

New LDS Technology gives Taoglas a highly competitive edge in offering ultimate design freedom for customers. We support running design changes such as antenna performance tuning & optimization as seen in our SmartWatch case study. With Taoglas working closely with the customer during all stages of the design process, we can facilitate a high degree […]

Taoglas Antennas Connect the MangOH Open-Source Cellular Platform to Simplify and Accelerate IoT Development and Adoption

There are lots of inventors, developers and makers who have an idea for an IoT solution, but don’t have a platform over which they can design prototypes and test ideas quickly and cost-effectively  in an open source fashion. The mangOH open source hardware program was founded by Sierra Wireless to make it easier for IoT […]