Connected Smart Services

Increase efficiencies, uptime, and reduce costs with our end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, combining world-class hardware, software, and automation to build knowledge for both public and private sectors.

We aim to be a leader in smart cities and smart asset technologies. Our focus is to improve outcomes for asset management teams, facilities management companies, governments and the private sector. We seamlessly integrate technology into the worlds most resource intensive industries to drive resource efficiency, improve safety, and ensure operational improvements.

Application Areas

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Smart Cities

Simplify your needs with our cloud hosted platform that features real time reporting and data visualization tools, available 24/7, with no need to install software or perform maintenance. Learn More

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Taoglas Waste Insights™

Our intelligent smart waste sensor is a turn key managed smart asset that can be connected to NB-IoT, Cat1, LoRaWAN, and SigFox networks. Truly plug and play, no software or experts required. Learn More

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Taoglas Genset Insights™

Optimize your fleet of generators with real-time data and analytics. Quick and easy to install and provides an enterprise-level view of your genset fleet. Combined with Taoglas Insights, our cloud-based software platform, it provides users with a scalable end-to-end solution. Learn More

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Taoglas SmartBBQ

Sense, monitor, analyze, and maintain. A turnkey managed smart asset that improves response times and service quality to your community. Learn More

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Taoglas CROWD Insights™

Real-time measurements of volumes of people, set capacity limits, and receive alerts and notifications if capacity limits are approached or breached. Learn More

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Custom Sensors

Do you have a specific use case, sensor requirement, or analytics & platform requirement? Our highly specialized team can work with your team to tailor a solution to fit your exact needs. Learn More

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Taoglas understands that every project has specific antenna and RF component capability requirements and our team of world-class Engineers can advise you on the best route to take, specific to your application. Reach out to us at the form below to find out further information.

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