Taoglas provides everything you need to securely connect and manage your sensors and machines remotely. This removes complexity and allows your organisation to focus on your business applications rather than security, connectivity and device management infrastructure elements of a solution.

Collect data from many different environments with maximum platform flexibility. From heavy machinery on construction sites to building energy monitoring and control.

Off-the-Shelf IoT Solution

Using an off-the-shelf solution removes the need for:

  • Product design
  • Power design
  • Antenna design
  • RF tuning
  • Secure boot
  • Secure communications
  • Encryption and mutual authentication
  • Robust error handling
  • Firmware power optimisation/management
  • Secure design life-cycle
  • Secure firmware updates
  • Full sensor-to-cloud validation
  • Alarms, alerts, statistics and logging


Comprehensive Security

  • Encryption and mutual authentication
  • IoT node security and ID
  • Secure download and boot
  • Ecosystem control
  • Message security
  • Anti-cloning

Sensor-to-cloud Validation Framework

  • Test and validate new hardware
  • Test and validate new firmware
  • Test and validate new cloud applications and dashboards