Connected Health 


What is connected Health?

Connected health is designed to maximize healthcare resources and provide improved health and patient care inside and outside of the hospital or doctor’s office. Connected health encompasses programs in tele-health, remote care, disease and lifestyle management with connected devices and systems.


“Enabling medical professionals to make better informed decisions”



Connected Health Benefits
  • Make medicines more personalized and precise
  • Increase medication adherence
  • Generate evidence and insights
  • Maintain and prove compliance with regulations
  • Protect brand integrity
  • Engage and support patients through digitally-enabled behaviour change
  • Provide real-time data to increase patient engagement
  • Improve healthcare outcomes
  • Supports behavioural science and predictive analytics
Market Segments Served


Telemedicine Providers

Life Sciences

Medication Adherence

Supply Chain Integrators

Accelerate Your Time to Market

Offering hardware solutions, efficient cloud management and full sensor-to-cloud control, the Taoglas® EDGE platform is ideal for creating bespoke solutions, as well as integrating readily available IoT technologies.

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