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Machine vision AI technologies will help you maximise your operational efficiency by giving you real-time, transformational decision-making capabilities.
The technologies can be integrated to answer questions without human intervention needed.

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Machine Vision AI and IoT Applications

Cameras are the ultimate IoT sensor, but computer vision and AI projects can be particularly complex. The Taoglas approach expertly combines images with on-board sensors and seamlessly integrates this with embedded connectivity such as 5G. We will help identify which technologies are needed to solve your problem and will integrate them into an EDGE vision AI solution allowing for insights and intelligence for:

Image for Autonomous robots

Autonomous robots

Image for Public Safety - Body Cameras

Public Safety - Body Cameras

Image for Detecting people and objects

Detecting people and objects

Image for Augmented Positioning

Augmented Positioning

Image for Workplace occupancy analytics

Workplace occupancy analytics

Image for Remote meter/dial gauge reading

Remote meter/dial gauge reading

Image for OCR for logistics depots

OCR for logistics depots

Image for License plate detection

License plate detection

Image for Face detection

Face detection

Image for Asset Monitoring

Asset Monitoring

Image for Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Image for Photogrammetry


Image for Remote sensing and measurement

Remote sensing and measurement

What can Taoglas do for you?

Taoglas has the expertise and experience to get your embedded, machine vision IoT solution to market on time, the first time. We are hardware and software experts and will work with you from the beginning of your project, to ensure 2D or 3D vision is properly integrated into your device, ensuring a connected, easy-to-use, low-power, secure and market-ready solution. 

From the initial strategy definition through to the design, build, deployment and management of your solution, Taoglas offers the complete solution stack for your machine vision AI project. You can choose to work on any element with us, including vision chip technology (Nvidia Jetson, Intel Movidius, Ambarella etc), base vision models (OpenCV, OpenVINO etc) and your full system requirements; firmware updates, edge processing, cloud hosting and power management design. We will set up the vision system training, testing and verification of real-world performance. Taoglas will stay within the target BOM cost and develop a cost-effective, practical one-box solution for your whole device.

Image for Global Engineering Excellence

Global Engineering Excellence

We implement and optimize machine vision AI solutions for the world’s largest organisations, including top tier OEM’s and have built up a robust reputation for reliability – every Taoglas process is backed up by world-class quality systems. Taoglas never compromises on quality and is ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified. All of our products meet ROHS & Reach compliance.

Image for Manufacturing and Supply

Manufacturing and Supply

Taoglas can develop the proof of concept device samples, right through to supplying pre-production and production units through our manufacturing facility and in combination with pre-qualified contract manufacturers worldwide. Taoglas can ensure every device is tested thoroughly for functional reliability.


Image for 2D and 3D vision design

2D and 3D vision design

Image for Integrating Cellular, GNSS and Machine Vision

Integrating Cellular, GNSS and Machine Vision

Image for Optics and Illumination Design

Optics and Illumination Design

Image for CV hardware and firmware

CV hardware and firmware

Image for Low power embedded designs

Low power embedded designs

Image for Machine and deep learning algorithm development

Machine and deep learning algorithm development

Image for Depth Sensing

Depth Sensing

Image for Platform integration and support

Platform integration and support

Technology Features

Taoglas’ EDGE Vision™ AI platform and capabilities include firmware, hardware, software and analytics, which combine neural inference, spatial AI, and feature tracking into a one-box solution. Some key technologies utilized include: 

Front end Image processing to ensure the imagery quality is optimised allowing for high-end processing and machine learning. We optimise camera configurations via our IoT gateway and on-board sensors. This ensures adaptation to change in the imaging environment to generate the best possible data. We can work with any 3rd party cameras for this implementation.

Shadow Compensation will reduce the impact of shadows in captured images and allow higher value processing in difficult imaging conditions. We can provide shadow compensation algorithms via our EDGE Vision platform.

Back end Image processing utilizing ML and AI processing to implement vision algorithms to get the best out of every pixel. This will ensure that data collected is accurate and repeatable and improve overall insights and intelligence.



Image 1

Taoglas EDGE™ Vision Development Process

Image for 1. Strategy

1. Strategy

Utilise our IoT solution architects to integrate machine vision AI technologies into your overall solution and let us guide you on the best way to realise your solution. By engaging with Taoglas early on in product definition, this will drastically help reduce risks associated with getting to market.  We can design and develop the whole IoT solution or any piece of the process.

Image for 2. Design phase

2. Design phase

We will properly integrate machine vision AI and add accelerated computer vision functions into a one-box connectivity solution. We will work on mechanical engineering, preventative design, regulatory pre-testing and debugging using our chambers which detect and eliminate RF interference – typically generated by the vision chips – ensuring your device passes country certification.

Image for 3. Algorithm development and deep-learning

3. Algorithm development and deep-learning

Taoglas’ world-class data scientists will capture key, large data sets for your project through in-field research. Our specialised, deep-learning algorithm team can train and deploy custom algorithms.

Image for 4. Build

4. Build

Taoglas can build your solution in one of our global manufacturing facilities, using our smart-material manufacturing techniques, which enhance component and device performance and help reduce time-to-market and costs.

Image for 5. Deploy

5. Deploy

Now it’s time to deploy your solution in a live, real-world environment. Taoglas will seamlessly manage the deployment of your IoT devices and ML/AI models into the field.

Image for 6. Manage

6. Manage

Using the Taoglas® EDGE Insights™ will provide you with everything your enterprise needs to securely connect and manage your sensors and machines remotely, removing complexity and allowing your organization to focus on today’s business applications. We also develop companion apps for commissioning.

Taoglas® IOT Design Services

Taoglas Next-Gen IoT Services help our customers with its digital transformation programs by reducing the risks and time associated with creating and integrating new technologies.

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