Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) Technology

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The LDS Process seamless product integration

Firstly, molded parts are produced with standard injection molding equipment. The molding equipment uses commercially available resins which include additives suitable for the LDS process. A broad range of LDS plastic resins are available.



The next stage of the LDS process utilizes a laser beam to precisely transfer the antenna pattern from CAD data onto the surface of the plastic molding. This process provides great design flexibility allowing the antenna to fully utilize the 3D surface available.

Finally, the parts pass through a metallization process. Metallization is accomplished via an electroless plating process whereby copper, nickel, and other metals are plated onto the defined antenna pattern.

Through hole vias, contact pads and RF feed lines may also be added during LDS processing.

The Key Advantages

  1. High degree of design flexibility.
  2. Ability to make products smaller by creating antenna structures on the enclosure.
  3. Facilitates quick change of antenna layouts easily without expensive tooling changes.
  4. There are currently over 15 suppliers and over 100 polymer resins available including popular PC, PC/ABS, ABS, LCP materials.
  5. The technology supports running design changes such as antenna performance tuning & optimisation.
  6. Offers cost-savings particularly for higher volume applications.
LDS technology offers

LDS technology offers

LDS technology offers the ultimate design freedom in three dimensions. Utilizing all three dimensions allows the antenna to outperform PCB mounted or PCB integrated antennas as the antenna no longer needs to be in close proximity to other components, batteries, displays or other antennas which will degrade the antenna radiation pattern.

Taoglas will work closely with the customer during all stages of the design to ensure that the LDS is “designed for manufacture”, optimizes antenna performance and provides a cost-effective solution for volume production across all sectors including Automotive and the Wearable Devices Industries.