LTE advanced true 2×2 MIMO embedded antenna enabled by revolutionary new Taoglas Gemini solution

LTE Advanced True 2x2 MIMO Embedded Antenna Enabled by Revolutionary New Taoglas Gemini SolutionGemini Series solves MIMO isolation challenge for 2×2 LTE embedded antennas; delivers efficiency of 70% in Small Form Factor

CTIA Super Mobility Week, Las Vegas – Leading M2M and IoT antenna provider Taoglas USA, Inc today made true 2×2 LTE Advanced systems with embedded antennas a reality with the launch of the Gemini antenna series.  The Gemini allows integration of two complementary antennas, the PA.710.A Warrior and the PA.711.A, side by side or on opposite sides of the board. This allows a device to meet all global carrier requirements for efficiency, isolation, ECC and device TRP.  Two LTE, septa-band, surface-mount antenna (SMT) antennas can be placed as close as 10mm apart achieving less than 10dbi of isolation unheard of in the industry until now. Visitors to the Taoglas Booth # 6029 and 7611-B in the M2M Pavilion at CTIA’s Super Mobility Week, September 9-11, will see the Gemini first hand.

OEMs and wireless device designers can now meet LTE Advanced 2×2 MIMO isolation and efficiency requirements for two antennas in tight spaces rather than requiring larger antennas and devices in order to overcome pervasive noise and isolation problems. It gives the IoT and M2M industry a better way to achieve smaller designs and enjoy the higher upload and download speeds promised by LTE Advanced.

“The Gemini antenna solution includes two high performing embedded antennas the PA.710.A Warrior and PA.711.A designed in San Diego and Ireland,” said Ronan Quinlan, joint managing director of Taoglas.  “This is an off-the-shelf solution that will work for any device downloading video and other high-bandwidth content.  It enables true 2×2 MIMO LTE systems without the isolation challenges that have stumped the industry.”

The PA.710.A and PA.711.A Warriors are multi-band antennas that covers all worldwide cellular bands from 700 MHz to 960 MHz and 1710 MHz to 2170 MHz for GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, DCS, PCS, UMTS, HSDPA, GPRS, EDGE and LTE.

The PA710.A works on it’s own as a LTE only antenna and the 711 joins in when MIMO is required. The PA.710.A and PA.711.A Warrior have many advantages for LTE use:

  • These antennas are delivered on tape and reel and can be surface mounted, saving on assembly costs and delivering greater performance consistency.
  • Both antennas can be mounted on one edge of a board, freeing up space so that manufacturers can design smaller devices.
  • With no customization required, development times are dramatically reduced. Customers can match the antenna by simply changing the matching circuit.
  • They are made of dense, high-grade ceramic and are very robust and durable for use in extreme environments.

The Gemini series is available immediately and for testing via an antenna evaluation board, the PAD.71X.A is available directly from Taoglas or through their distributors.  For more information about LTE antennas from Taoglas, visit:


PA.710.A Warrior Datasheet:

PA.711.A Warrior Datasheet:

PAD.71X.A Datasheet: