New Taoglas 3-in-1 MA230 Stream Antenna Delivers Outstanding Performance

“All-in-One” Adhesive-Mount Antenna Adds Wi-Fi Support to Top-Selling, Highly Efficient Stream Antenna Product Line

San Diego, CA. – October 31, 2013 – Taoglas USA, Inc., a leading provider of antenna solutions to the M2M and Internet of Things (IOT) market, today extended its popular Stream antenna line by adding the MA230 antenna, giving Wi-Fi support to the existing GPS/GLONASS and Cellular Stream product line.  This low profile, high-performance, waterproof, M2M LTE / GPS/GLONASS antenna is aimed at commercial transportation, telematics, remote monitoring and security applications. Like other antennas in the product line, the new MA230 Stream antenna offers the market’s highest efficiency of 60%, with a cellular peak gain of 3.5dBi, for a three-in-one Wi-Fi, GPS/GLONASS and cellular (2G, 3G, 4G) antenna. “We developed this antenna to meet the demands of customers that are using our high performance cellular/GPS antenna, the MA208 Stream,” explained Dermot O’Shea, co-founder and joint managing director of Taoglas Group.  “Everyone requires multiple wireless technologies inside their devices nowadays, so adding Wi-Fi was a natural addition in order to meet the demands for high performance from our customers. We have kept the same form factor so customers can simply switch over if they also require Wi-Fi. Our newest Stream antenna offers absolutely phenomenal performance for Wi-Fi without compromising cellular or GPS performance.” “This antenna is unique in the market because it is a three-in-one antenna that’s not mounted through a hole/or on the roof.  It achieves an amazing 70%-plus efficiency at the LTE 700MHz band,” continued O’Shea. “There’s nothing better out there for one-install applications.” “We’re seeing a big demand for our new MA230 Stream in the transportation market. Traditionally large trucking fleets have long cables running anywhere from 10 to 25 feet from the modem inside a truck to an antenna mounted on the roof. Although external antenna elements have a great view of the cell towers and the sky, a lot of performance can be negated in the cable loss, even when using low loss high quality cables. However, we have found that by using the MA230 internally on a window or under the dashboard, customers are getting superior performance at a fraction of the installation costs, said Tim Dolan, VP of North American Sales, Taoglas.” The robust MA230 is ideal for in-vehicle installations, while being easy to attach to device housings via its 3M peel-and-stick adhesive tape. The antenna incorporates three custom Taoglas antennas including the AGGP.35A, a GPS/GLONASS 35*35*4mm active patch antenna. The new antenna has a rectangular shape because of the large ground plane required for ultimate cellular antenna efficiency – it is suitable for all cellular protocols and is complaint for every global carrier, with high efficiencies and excellent device TRP margins. A smart circuit on the GPS/GLONASS active patch antenna module inside dramatically reduces noise and cross talk when the cellular system is in traffic mode. The extended ground plane used with the innovative cellular PIFA antenna also enables wide-band 2G/3G/4G response with the highest possible performance even with longer cable lengths. The antenna maintains 20dB isolation between antennas. The new MA230 Stream antenna is available now from Taoglas by contacting or through their distributors. Data Sheet: About Taoglas Taoglas provides a comprehensive range of external, embedded and base-station antenna solutions for connected devices and M2M applications such as Telematics/Automotive, Smart-Grid, Metering/Telemetry, Home Automation, Remote Monitoring and Telemedical applications. The company’s device RF optimization OTA anechoic test chambers and labs in the United States, Taiwan and Ireland enable wireless device manufacturers to design and test antenna solutions for M2M devices with a single company, while also performing pre-certification OTA (efficiency/radiation patterns/TRP/TIS) testing for PTCRB and USA network requirements.  Taoglas continually innovates and creates new antenna solutions to meet the evolving needs of the machine-to-machine world. Taoglas’ products operate consistently at optimum proficiency levels, delivering world-class performance time after time.

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