New Taoglas FXP75 Atom with tiny form factor, three times better performance than chip antennas

New Taoglas FXP75 Atom with Tiny Form Factor, Three Times Better Performance than Chip AntennasInternational Bluetooth consumer electronics vendor selects Taoglas Atom antenna for its Bluetooth headset to get higher performance and longer battery life

Enniscorthy, Ireland. – Taoglas, a leading provider of antenna solutions to the M2M and Internet of Things (IOT) market, today launched the FXP75 Atom antenna, a miniature flexible PCB antenna for 2.4GHz applications where space is a premium and performance is key. This new “Atom” antenna delivers three times better performance than current chip antennas of comparable size.

Unlike chip antennas, this ultra thin, tiny monopole antenna offers an efficiency of 45% off-the-shelf, for any Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Zwave, ISM applications at 2.4GHz and 802.11bg products. “One of the first customers using a custom-version of the FXP75 Atom is an international consumer electronics vendor, who is using the antenna for a Bluetooth headset to increase its performance, i.e. it’s range, audio quality and battery life,” said Ronan Quinlan, co-founder and joint managing director of Taoglas Group. “My personal dream for this product was to make the world’s smallest cabled Bluetooth antenna that can be produced in high volumes and be ultra reliable. We have achieved this. Designed and tested over and over again over a period of 12 months by our team led by senior antenna engineer Dr. Eleazar Zuniga here in Ireland, this antenna is especially suited for such applications using 2.4GHz. We are proud that the FXP75 makes no compromises on performance or efficiency and, at a size of 5.9mm*4.1mm*0.24mm, works in devices where space is at a premium.”

The secret behind the FXP75 Atom performance:

  • Using a unique flexible polymer material, the Atom antenna is much more efficient than current market chip antennas in small, noisy applications. A typical chip antenna has an efficiency of only 15%~20% in today’s ever smaller electronics devices, due to insufficient area for grounding and layout. The Atom antenna by it’s very nature does not suffer from this problem.
  • In addition, it has a convenient peel-and-stick design that is designed to be mounted on plastic using with 3M tape and adhesive. Now anywhere in the device can be used for the antenna.
  • The antenna is so small that it can be routed as far away as possible from metal and electrical noise to deliver improved range and power consumption.
  • The Atom antenna series comes with a cable and connector to connect the antenna to the main PCB or module. This delivers board space savings and eliminates the requirement for clearances on a PCB for an antenna to radiate efficiently.
  • The Atom antenna is paper-thin, which helps save on height inside a design.

The new FXP75 antenna is available now from Taoglas by contacting or through their distributors.

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