As a winning antenna providers, Taoglas have been involved in the success of many different M2M devices over the past ten years.

We have learned a lot about M2M applications and how to design RF systems and hardware that works.

Every day we actually share that knowledge with you and help you make your design a success, quickly.

We want to extend or value by not just offering an antenna solution, but a fast track to high volume device production so we can all benefit.

What does the Noise Control Division (NCD) do?

In addition to our comprehensive range of antenna products and services Taoglas also offers additional solutions in the RF, and more specifically, noise control area.

This means eliminating (or suppressing) noise or more importantly “in band” noise that may cause a performance compromise, or certification challenges.

When would I need the Taoglas NCD?

When you have challenges getting your device to market from a wireless functionality standpoint.

Maybe you have reception, TIS or RSE issues.

Taoglas NCD is required when you know the antenna is good and the module is certified, but you can not discover why your device is not passing certification or is not doing what it is supposed to do.

The problem is often in-band noise, meaning you have emissions at the cellular frequencies being reradiated back into the cellular module. Obviously, a great antenna makes the problem worse!

How can Taoglas NCD help?

Let’s not make the antenna worse and let’s make the device better! We have the equipment and experience in noise control to identify where the noise may be originating from and either eliminate the noise or prevent the noise from getting to the antenna. Identifying the source of the problem is the biggest challenge.

Taoglas NCD has the equipment, expertise, and experience to help you design your product better and quicker.