C-V2X Antenna

The Taoglas ADCP.12A is an embedded ceramic active C-V2X patch antenna in the form of a C-V2X patch active antenna module. At 50*50*5 mm, it is a high performance, yet compact, 5.5dBi directional antenna designed to operate at 5850 MHz to 5925 MHz for DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) and C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle to Everything) systems.

C-V2X is the communications medium of choice for active safety V2V/V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Other) systems. Primarily allocated for vehicle safety applications, C-V2X supports high-speed, low-latency, short-range, V2V/V2X wireless communications.

The ADCP.12 active antenna features a circularly polarized ceramic patch with high efficiency of 65% and peak gain of 5.5 dBi. The circular polarization enables a more stable system signal strength on moving vehicles. The ADCP.12 enables new, remote placement options for the secondary DSRC antenna. This revolutionary device packages a high-performance 5.9GHz ceramic patch antenna with a high-linearity power amplifier, a robust low-noise amplifier, and transmit/receive switches to provide a fully remote front-end.

By including the front-end with the remote antenna, two benefits are found:
  • Higher transmit and receive performance is available by counteracting the coaxial cable losses, and
  • Smaller-diameter coaxial cable can be utilized, reducing total vehicle weight and cost.

The Rx/Tx path control comes from the module along with DC supply designed to cover the automotive 9-26 V range. DC and overvoltage protection has also been implemented. This antenna is uniquely suited as the antenna of choice when it comes to V2X automotive applications due to this.

The ADCP.12 is produced in an IATF16949-compliant facility and is fully automotive qualified. For further optimization to customer-specific device environments where positioning is off-center or a different ground-plane size, a custom-tuned patch antenna can be supplied, subject to NRE and MOQ. The ADCP.12A is supplied with 150mm of RG-316 with an SMA(M) connector, both of which can be customized.

Contact your regional Taoglas office for support on how to integrate and test this antenna s performance in your device.

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