The panel incorporates 64 antenna elements, each of which transmits and receives at different polarizations at the same time providing two independent signal paths from the transmitter to the receiver, resulting in a 128 antenna wireless system in just one panel. Multiple panels can be merged together, using an innovative and simple click-in mechanism, to provide a Massive MIMO array offering limitless gain value.

Beam Pattern

In Massive MIMO Multiple beam can be individually steered to offer higher throughput and coverage while mitigating co-channel interference than legacy LTE antenna technology. In Multi-User Massive MIMO allows for up to 12 antennas used for 1 client device and 128 antennas can serve 10 clients simultaneously. The 5-6GHz Massive MIMO array combines 12 radiating elements at a time to give an effective gain of 19dBi with a half-power beamwidth of 14° degrees. Alternatively, all 128 antennas can be combined to give an effective gain of 27 dBi with a half-power beamwidth of 7°.

The Massive MIMO technology enables beamforming to address multiple moving users at the same time which the Aurora also supports.