5G Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna

The Taoglas Barracuda OMB.6960.B06F21 is a 5G/4G outdoor antenna, operating between 600MHz and 6GHz, covering all worldwide sub 6GHz 5G and LTE bands. With up to 6.6 dBi peak gain, the collinear dipole array antenna provides omnidirectional coverage with great efficiency. The omnidirectional radiation pattern is uniform in the azimuth providing long-distance coverage, thus minimizing the number of nodes needed for radio networks.

The UV resistant, IP65 rated fibreglass housing enables this OMB series antenna to be used in harsh environments, making it more robust, vandal resistant, and safer than traditional whip antennas. With a compact overall dimension of 340mm in height and 70mm wide, an integrated bracket allows it to be mounted conveniently and unobtrusively on a wall or pole. Connectivity is made via the rugged, industry-standard, N-Type Female connector.

Covering all worldwide sub 6GHz 5G and 4G/LTE bands, the OMB.6960 is perfect for setting up cellular mesh networks and suitable applications including remote asset monitoring and connected enterprise solutions.

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