IoT Antenna for ISM 868MHz

The Barracuda OMB.868.B10F21 is a fiberglass IoT Antenna for ISM 868MHz. It is an omnidirectional outdoor antenna, and has a 10dBi high peak gain, providing a large coverage area for Low Power Radio (Sigfox, LPWA, LoRa) and mesh networks. Typical applications are in IoT, metering, industrial/environmental monitoring and remote asset monitoring.

The OMB.868 operates at 868MHz, one of the most widely used license-free ISM bands, with a 10dBi peak gain. The omnidirectional antenna uses an advanced collinear dipole design, meaning it radiates uniformly in the azimuth with a high gain, providing coverage over long distances, thus minimizing the number of cells or nodes needed in a network.

The UV resistant fiberglass housing enables the OMB antenna to be utilized in all kinds of harsh environments, making it more robust and safer than traditional whip antennas. It has been designed to withstand high wind load. The integrated aluminum mounting bracket is perfect for directly mounting the antenna onto a pole or a wall. The connector is an industry-standard N-type female. The connector can be customized subject to MOQ. Other frequencies and gains are available.

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