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Bolt A.90 GPS / GLONASS / Galileo Permanent Mount Antenna 94.3*25.4mm

High Rejection GNSS Antenna

The Bolt A.90 is a high gain GNSS L1 (GPS/GLONASS) antenna that features very high out-of-band rejection and can handle large bursts of power from nearby transmitters. These characteristics make the A.90 ideal for applications where the antenna will be placed near high-power transmitters, such as cellular base stations or radar systems. The A.90 utilizes a very high efficiency (>78%) patch antenna that has been tuned for best possible performance within the enclosure to maximize signal quality. A ceramic dielectric filter is placed between the antenna and the LNAs to absorb large out-of-band bursts of power from nearby transmitters while minimizing in-band insertion loss. The internal LNAs have a very low noise figure to maintain excellent signal quality throughout the entire signal chain. The signal chain also features carefully selected and placed SAW filters that collectively allow for very sharp signal attenuation outside of the intended frequency bands without negatively impacting in-band signal quality.

GPS Timing Antenna

The A.90 features excellent rejection across all non-GNSS frequencies to prevent overdriving or damaging your GPS receiver. At the 850/900MHz cellular bands, for example, the A.90 exhibits greater than 80dB of rejection. At the 1800/1900MHz cellular bands, it exhibits >65dB, making it best in class when out-of-band interference is a concern. Even with this excellent out-of-band attenuation, the A.90 maintains a low noise figure of 3.7dB and high gain of >25dB, making it an ideal solution for applications with longer cable runs where high cable loss is a concern. The A.90 also features protection against lightning-induced surges that are common in tower equipment, according to IEC 61000-4-5 (Class 4) 4kV.

Cable lengths and connector types are customizable.

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