The Preferred Testbed for MIMO Research

The patent-pending CMM200 Massive MIMO Modular Passive Panel is the preferred testbed for MIMO research, allowing the radio researcher ease and flexibility in assembling an array
of variable size and shape which always has constant array spacing for minimization of grating lobes.

The modules attach to each other and to ground plane extensions with a proprietary fastening design that enables quick assembly without threaded fasteners. When attached, a module-module or module-extension connection has excellent ground plane continuity due to a conductive elastomeric gasket around the periphery that ensures optimal field pattern from each element.
Each module has 16 patch antenna elements, each having a dual polarization with very high cross-polarization isolation and low mutual coupling between adjacent elements.

Massive MIMO reciprocity calibration is accomplished easily with the modules, because each module has a network of couplers that meanders through the antenna PCB, coupling energy off of each of the 2×16 radiating elements, and connecting to a common RF calibration (CAL) port. There is also an additional port in this calibration network for daisy chaining the calibration line to other modules (CAL_DAISY) which can permit a single connection to the reference radio used for calibration. The radiating elements are high-efficiency patch antennas which are soldered to the antenna PCB for the highest reliability and performance. These exhibit good return loss and field pattern over a broad bandwidth, enabling freedom of choice in the research frequency used.

The modules have an integrated radome made of high-impact UV stabilized plastic. The radome is sealed to the housing with an O-ring which supports IP55 immersion rating for outdoor operation. Each module has on the back side a set of 34 SMA connectors for the 32 antenna ports and two reciprocity calibration ports.

The modules can be delivered pre-assembled with cables for ease of use.