High-Performance Cellular Booster

The CSB.01 high-performance cellular booster is a microprocessor-controlled, bidirectional RF booster for the North American 850 MHz cellular and 1900 MHz PCS frequency bands.

The booster has an automatic gain and oscillation control system that will automatically adjust the gain and output power if a signal anomaly occurs. This booster is designed to operate as a direct connect “plug and play” unit for maximum performance in weak signal coverage areas. The CSB.01 is equipped with passive bypass technology. This feature allows the booster to be passively bypassed and become a pass-through cable when boosting is not necessary, during loss of power or when a fault is detected.

This is useful in applications where the booster is mobile, moving in and out of poor signal areas. The booster will bypass itself when close to cell towers, completely eliminating any potential for network disrupting noise power caused by too much amplification near a cell tower. The technology is also extremely useful in fire and security system installations where a network connection must always be maintained, even with loss of power. The CSB.01 has a wide input voltage range of 8.0 to 36.0V allowing for a variety of power sources. Integrated LED diagnostics alert the user to events such as initialization, normal operation, increase in gain, decrease in gain, and fault detection. Please see the Operators Manual for more information or contact our customer services team and they will assist.

For the North American 850 MHz cellular and 1900 MHz PCS frequency bands.