5850-5925 MHz for C-V2X

The DCPP.25A is a 25*25*4mm PTFE patch antenna, designed to operate at 5850-5925MHz for C-V2X (& DSRC) systems. This antenna features high efficiency and circular polarization to enable a more stable system signal strength on moving vehicles where orientation is constantly changing.

Custom patch tuning is available to optimize to specific device environments, including off-center positioning or different ground plane sizes, subject to NRE and MOQ. The DCPP.25A is manufactured in an IATF16949 approved facility. Contact your regional Taoglas office for this and other support with integration and testing of antenna performance in your device.

C-V2X is the communications medium of choice for active safety V2V/V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Other) systems. Primarily allocated for vehicle safety applications, C-V2X supports high-speed, low-latency, short-range, V2V/V2X wireless communications.

For further optimization to customer-specific device environments and for support to integrate and test this antennas performance in your device, contact your regional Taoglas Customer Services Team