Taoglas EDGE™ IG10 Industrial Gateway

The Taoglas EDGE™ IG10 is a compact plug-and-play multi-sensor gateway with cellular and Bluetooth connectivity, providing ultra-low power consumption in a small form factor. It features an ARM M7 processor, optimized firmware/OS RTOS, validated applications libraries (Real-Time Performance), and comes with an advanced onboard analytics engine. The Taoglas EDGE IG10 offers the ultimate degree of flexibility and scalability while saving costs and time to market for OEMs and enterprises looking to deploy industial IoT applications. Developed by industry experts and with proven commercial solutions across healthcare, industrial, transportation, agriculture, and smart city applications, you can be up and running with the Taoglas EDGE™ IG10 pre certified gateway quicker.
The IoT design process is literally as simple as activating a SIM card. The solution is supported by Taoglas Insights™ – a cloud management platform – which provides a scalable end-to-end solution for easy control and management of connected devices.

Key Benefits

• Cost-effective end-to-end Industrial Gateway with cellular 4G, GNSS, Bluetooth, and on-board movement sensors
• Global cellular connectivity
• Industrial communication protocols
• Integrated digital and analog I/Os
• Industrial grade connectors
• Low power consumption
• Highly secure architecture
• Integration to Taoglas Insights platform
• Small Form Factor
• Ultra-low power consumption
• Plug-and-play with fast-time-to value for a variety of IoT applications
• Device, data, SIM, and sensor management via Taoglas Insights™ platform
• Secure provisioning and certificate management
• Over The Air (OTA) firmware updates and device diagnostics
• Deployment lifecycle control
• Easy 3rd party integration with AI and ML applications
• Pre-certified with Tier-1 mobile carriers

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