GGBSFTP.45.9 GPS L1/L2/L5, GLONASS & BeiDou Single Feed CP Stacked 45*45*9mm Terrablast Patch

GPS L1 with GPS L2 and GPS L5 band operation
Single Feed Patch Assembly
Tuned for Centre Positioning on a 50*50mm Ground-plane
RoHS compliant

SKU: GGBSFTP.45.9.A.08
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High Precision L1, L2, L5 Triple Stacked Patch – Lightweight & Robust

The GGBSFTP.45.9.A.08 is a high precision, L1, L2, L5 triple stacked patch which is lightweight and robust. The 45*45mm Terrablast triple stacked patch antenna with GPS L1 with GPS L2 and L5 capabilities builds on the success of the groundbreaking series of high precision antennas by Taoglas and is an addition to the ongoing product roadmap.

The stacked patch design utilizes the Taoglas Terrablast material which provides a lightweight and robust solution for applications which require high impact resistance such as drones, ATVs and vehicles. At just 9mm thickness, it is the ideal embedded solution for applications needing triband coverage such as:

  • Precision Transportation
  • Tracking and Inventory Management
  • Defense
  • Marine
  • Aviation
  • Agriculture
  • UAV Navigation
  • Surveying
  • Improved Weather forecasting

The antenna has been tuned and tested on a 50*50mm ground plane, working at GPS 1575.42MHz, 1227.6MHz and 1176.45MHz.

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