High Accuracy Centimeter Level Tracking Antenna

The GPDF.47.8.A.02 is designed for high accuracy centimeter-level tracking in telematics applications for positioning technologies. Typical applicable industries are transportation, defense, marine, agriculture, and navigation. This antenna exhibits excellent gain and radiation pattern stability on both L1 and L2 bands, which leads to improved reliability of a GPS fix in areas where signal strength is poor, along with higher accuracy positioning when used to support ionosphere error correction algorithms. It is a 47.5*47.5mm ceramic GPS L1/L2 / GALILEO low profile, low axial ratio, embedded stacked passive patch antenna with 8mm thickness. It has been tuned and tested on a 70*70mm ground plane, working at GPS 1575.42MHz and L2 1227.6MHz, with 4.23dBi gain and 0.04dBi gain, respectively. It can be easily through-hole mounted on PCB via pin. The double-sided adhesive on the bottom of the patch helps to keep it in place while undergoing mounting. To implement the GPDF.47A dual band L1+L2 dual-feed patch antennas, the antenna ideally needs to be placed centrally on a 70*70mm ground-plane. Each band pair should be fed with a hybrid coupler. (Reference Anaren XC1400P-03S)

Wideband GNSS Antenna

All feed lines need to be 50-ohm transmission lines. For more details, please refer pages 13 for PCB footprint and application recommendation.
For further optimization to customer-specific device environments, a custom-tuned patch antenna and circuit integration service into your device can be supplied, subject to NRE and MOQ. Contact your regional Taoglas office for this requirement, and for?support to integrate and test this antenna?s performance in your device.

Watch Joint CEO, Dermot O’Shea talk about this antenna in this video.


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