Active NFC Chip Antenna

The Taoglas NAA5.A is an active NFC chip antenna, ideal for NFC Tag services that require active boost transmission technology. With a tiny form factor 5*5*1mm the NAA5.A is the ideal antenna for NFC applications where size can be a limitation. The product integrates all components including an NFC front end, embedded antenna and it’s matching components. The NAA5.A has a max read distance of 50mm and consumes battery power due to being an active antenna.

It significantly eases the design effort and reduces the PCB footprint of the system, thus allowing NFC functionality in an ultra-small size. The footprint size can be as low as 7*7mm as at least 2mm of clearance from other elements to the chip is required. The NAA5.A is a revolutionary product created to match the performance of the current Taoglas FXR series but in an almost 3 times smaller form factor.

Typical Use-Case Applications include:
:: Smartphones                        :: Access control or other closed loop application on smart devices
:: Wearable Devices                :: Automotive keyless entry                                  :: Payment Terminals

The integrated NFC front end and its antenna provide the active transmission and boosts the response signal to the NFC reader/initiator while improving the receiving sensitivity, in order to realize the excellent contactless performance on this device. Performance can be further enhanced by use of Taoglas’s FXR series discrete NFC antennas.

This innovative solution provides an All-in-One application system together with NFC functions and solves proximity communication problems typical of an ultra-compact NFC device. Compared to conventional passive NFC tags, the Taoglas NAA5.A solution has a much less system BOM cost, stand-by power consumption and smaller PCB footprint. Taoglas NAA5.A offers reliable NFC tag performance even when the mechanical construction of the host device partially shields the radio signals.

For more information or help on how to integrate the antenna into your device, please contact you regional Taoglas Customer Support team.