Providing Extended Coverage in Low Signal Areas for Gateways & IoT Devices

Taoglas has developed an AI LTE beam-steering antenna system that is capable of dynamically adapting its antenna radiation patterns in real-time to extend coverage in areas of low signal quality. The Shift also increases the link quality compared to any standard antenna system on the market which can, in turn, lead to substantial throughput increases. The Shift negates the need for expensive repeater solutions to provide internet broadband connectivity and switches its link to another cell tower if one of the base stations goes down. It provides extended coverage in underground car parks, rural areas and other areas that the cellular signals find hard to reach.

Dynamically Intelligent

Current LTE modems use a pair of passive antennas to provide MIMO connectivity. The difficulty with passive antennas in mobile or fixed applications where the node location is unknown is that the passive antenna is required to operate in all directions, i.e. omnidirectional. Taoglas’ Software-Defined Shift Antenna System uses an intelligent control driver to identify and dynamically select the optimal antenna configuration. The Shifts potential for improvement is more than from -8dBi average gain. It can improve the average gain in a worst-case scenario from a -20dBi null to a +3dBi. These parameters are of keen interest to the end-user looking for a faster data download or improved reliability from the communication system.

Powerful Results

The additional technology layer to beam steering practice brings unprecedented antenna performance, with huge efficiency improvements delivering greater network coverage and dramatically increased data throughput rates within a simple ‘Plug and Play’ installation. The Shift is not a suitable solution for voice over LTE. Taoglas is developing several variations of products around this smart antenna system and is upgradable to sub 6GHz, 5G NR.

Download the Driver Set-Up for your operating system:
Linux Driver Set-Up
Windows Driver Set-Up


Taoglas’ Software-Defined Antenna System

Kickstart your R&D

Kickstart your R&D

At Taoglas, we have built up years of practical international experience in different markets, and have worked on thousands of custom M2M devices. We select the antenna design that is right for the individual project, application or market; PIFA antennas, Monopoles, Dipoles, Loop Antennas, etc.

Get Some Support

Get Some Support

At Taoglas we have dedicated customer support teams to help with any query. We have nine design facilities in Ireland, the US, Germany, China and Taiwan. The US offices are responsible for North and South America while Taiwan covers the Asia region. In Europe, our German office is responsible for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, while the remainder of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) is covered from Ireland. You can call your regional customer service facility or chat to us via our webchat located on the bottom right of this page.

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