Image MA672.A.CGH.003


Spartan MA672 3in1 Permanent Mount 5.0-5.8GHz 3xMIMO, 3M CFD-200

The Spartan MA672 5.0~5.8GHz 3*MIMO antenna is a low profile, heavy-duty, fully IP67 waterproof external M2M antenna for use in remote monitoring and telematics applications. The Spartan is unique in the market because it combines three 5.0~5.8GHz antenna elements, heavy-duty antenna with high efficiency in a low profile compact format. The antenna screws down permanently onto a roof or metal panel and can be pole or wall-mounted. Two of the antenna elements are vertically polarized and one is horizontally polarized to enable diversity gain and improve MIMO throughput. For industries such as remote monitoring, smart meter systems, construction equipment, public safety at only 40mm high, the Spartan provides an unobtrusive, robust, rugged antenna that is durable even in extreme environments.