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Taoglas 5G NR KSF410.A – 28GHz Beam-steering Antenna

5G 28GHz mmWave Beam Steering Antenna

The Taoglas 5G NR, KSF410.A is an industry first, 5G mm-wave beam-steering antenna with a sixteen-element linear phased-array. With 17dBi gain, a wide 3dB beamwidth for wide angular coverage in azimuth, most of the energy is focused within 45° of the main beam. Since propagation losses at Ka-band are 20x more than at 6GHz, the beamwidth of the antenna is reduced as the antenna gain increases. To alleviate this problem, the fan-beam type antenna can be useful to provide simultaneously high gain and wide azimuth coverage. The KSF410.A provides an integrated antenna solution for use cases such as 5G Ka-band fixed access wireless gateways.

The small size and low profile of the KSA410.A, coupled with an extremely lightweight structure makes it suitable for integration in different types of customer device environments. It employs beam-steering at the RF level using RF phase and amplitude shifters, or beam forming networks. Antennas in the array are grouped in fours, each with an Integrated Circuit (IC) Phase Shifter, an LNA and a Power Amplifier (PA) that allows the wide field of view (FoV) of ±45°.

The provided SPI interface allows direct access to chipset to control the device configuration. The antenna has up-to 2GHz impedance bandwidth, which gives upwards of 2Gbps data rates which is well suited for fixed and mobile broadband capacity-hungry Next Generation Networks. The KSF410.A features higher than 20 dB cross pol rejection making it less susceptible to interference from undesired signals.

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