Taoglas Shift Software Defined Smart Antenna

LTE700 (698-803 MHz), GSM850 (824-894 MHz), GSM900 (880-960 MHz), DCS (1710-1880 MHz), PCS (1850-1990 MHz), UMTS1 (1920-2170 MHz), LTE2600 (2490-2690 MHz) +4G 2300 + LTE3500MHz
Significant throughput increases
Extended coverage
Multi-band LTE module combined in single enclosure with antenna
Rapidly deployable
Real-time beam adaptation
Full-time connection monitoring
Dim: 242 x 137 x 50mm

SKU: TSA.100

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100% Throughput Gain 5G Antenna

Taoglas has developed a software-defined, 100% throughput gain 4G/ 5G beam steering antenna system that is capable of dynamically adapting the antenna radiation pattern in real-time to extend coverage and increase the link quality to any standard antenna system on the market.

Dynamically Intelligent

Taoglas’ Software-Defined Antenna system uses an intelligent control driver to identify and dynamically select the optimal antenna configuration. This dynamic algorithm provides TRP and TIS improvements of more than 3dB with respect to a static omnidirectional antenna system of comparable size.

Powerful Results

The addition of this technology layer to beam steering practice brings unprecedented antenna performance, with efficiency improvements of over 100% – delivering dramatically increased data throughput rates and broader network coverage.