Smart Buildings

The term smart building encompasses everything from lighting, security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to smart grid and intelligent spaces. We spend the majority of our time inside buildings, so technology has a huge potential to transform people’s lives, while improving operational efficiencies, lowering environmental impacts and saving costs. Key benefits of smart buildings include:

Image for Improved Energy Consumption

Improved Energy Consumption

Image for Better Safety and Security

Better Safety and Security

Image for Efficient Facilities Management

Efficient Facilities Management

Image for Enhanced Health and Wellbeing

Enhanced Health and Wellbeing

Application Areas

Image for Offices

Create safer and more positive work experiences by managing occupant density, social distancing and building systems to improve comfort levels and maintenance issues.

Image for Hotels

Personalise and enhance the customers experience by continuously learning about and adapting to customer needs.

Image for Hospitals

Make the patient journey seamless and enhance patient outcomes by improving the compliance, quality and safety of treatment.

Image for Homes

Enhance people’s quality of life, daily comfort and safety by connecting everyday consumer devices.

Customize Your IoT Solution

In addition to Taoglas’ vast, competitively priced IoT product range, we can design and create end-to-end IoT solutions for our customers. Taoglas is there from the initial strategy definition right through to the design, build, deployment and management of projects and can provide:

Image for Integration and Sensor Fusion

Integration and Sensor Fusion

 IoT experts will help you design the complete solutions stack integrating cameras, sensors, radios and antennas.

Image for Full System Design

Full System Design

Firmware, edge processing, cloud hosting, 5G/4G, device and data management, ML/AI, end-to-end security and power management.

Image for Solution Testing and Manufacturing

Solution Testing and Manufacturing

We offer world-class design, implementation, testing and optimization services. Taoglas is ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

Smart buildings provide people with more comfort, safety and security but with less money, energy and environmental impact. Additionally, the emergence of 5G means there are more opportunities than ever before to connect and reshape the way we’re creating and using buildings, for the better. Taoglas are experts in IoT and 5G connectivity and we have the capabilities to offer our customers efficient, safe and competitively priced smart-building IoT solutions.

Ronan Quinlan,
Co-CEO and Founder, Taoglas

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