Taoglas – Four antenna firsts

Taoglas - Four Antenna FirstsTaoglas Powers M2M Market with Four Antenna Firsts

First Surface Mount GPS Patch Antennas, First Device LTE and WiMax Antennas, Smart WiMax Base Station Antennas and Smallest Ceramic Miniature Loop Antenna Series.

San Diego, CTIA – Taoglas, the leading M2M antenna provider, today announced it will unveil new antenna ranges for the automotive, security, metering, and industrial device markets. Taoglas will showcase these antennas at CTIA in the M2M Zone Pavilion, booth #551. The antennas include:

SGP Antenna Series

The SGP antenna series is the first surface mount GPS patch antenna range that can pass final device product certification for first tier automotive and telematics customers. (See separate release about the SGP at www.taoglas.com/news)

M2M optimized LTE and WiMax Antennas

Taoglas will launch the first single LTE and WiMax ultra-wideband antenna solution optimized for high performance for the telematics, metering and security markets. These are embedded and external antenna solutions. (See separate release about the LTE/WiMax Antenna range at www.taoglas.com/news)

5GHz (WiMax/WiBro) Base Station Antennas

Taoglas will unveil the first 4.9 – 5.9GHz base station antennas with suppressed upper side lobes. Upper side lobes are the prime contributor to interference in any wireless network – they decrease signal to interference ratio, degrading network quality in particular speed and capacity. Taoglas implemented an advanced electrical design technique using tapered feed distribution to suppress upper side lobes and optimise the radiation pattern.

Ceramic Miniature Loop Antenna series

Taoglas will introduce the ILA.01, the first ISM band Ceramic Loop Antenna at 915 MHz (10×3.2×0.6mm). It will also launch the smallest, low-profile, on-board 2.4GHz Ceramic Loop Antenna (3.2 x 1.6 x 0.6) the WLA.01. The range also includes the GLA.01 GPS loop antenna measuring 5×1.3×0.6mm.

Dermot O’Shea, director, Taoglas said, “our global customer base and extensive knowledge and experience with M2M products means we can continue to innovate for the market. These products represent the strength Taoglas has in advanced M2M antenna design and innovative antenna production. We are the leading GPS and cellular antenna provider and are now moving into ISM and base station antennas enabling us to become the total antenna and RF solutions provider to M2M customers.”

Taoglas’ SGP antenna series, the LTE/WiMax, the SA Base Station antennas and the miniature loop series are available immediately.