Taoglas MA208 antenna – Guaranteed to pass North American carrier TRP requirements first time

Taoglas MA208 Antenna-Guaranteed to Pass North American Carrier TRP Requirements First Time“All-in-One” GPS, cellular, external antenna with over 60% efficiency and 3.5dBi gain for transportation, vehicle telematics and remote monitoring

San Diego, CA  – Taoglas Limited, the leading provider of antenna solutions to the M2M market, today launched the MA.208 “Stream” antenna, a low profile, high performance, waterproof, external M2M antenna for use in commercial transportation, vehicle telematics, remote monitoring, and security markets. The MA208 Stream is unique in the market because it combines the highest market efficiency of 60% and peak gain of 3.5dBi for a 2in1 GPS, and cellular (2G/3G/4G) antenna.  The MA208 Stream is guaranteed to pass all North American carrier total radiated power (TRP) requirements maximizing customers’ chances of passing carrier and/or PTCRB approvals first time.

“In today’s M2M markets, high antenna efficiencies are absolutely critical for 3G and 4G systems to achieve targeted data speeds and coverage. The MA208 Stream, at an efficiency of 60%, guarantees this level of sensitivity for reliable connections and information delivery,” said Dermot O’Shea, Director, Taoglas.  “Nothing else out there comes close to the MA208, in terms of consistency of efficiency and peak gain across all cellular bands, with a phenomenal 70%+ efficiency at the LTE 700Mhz band.”

The MA208 is ideal for covert installations and is a robust antenna that is provided with 3m adhesive tape for easy installation.  It incorporates two top performing Taoglas antennas; the AP.35A, a GPS 35*35*4mm active GPS patch antenna, and a second specially designed large wideband cellular 2G/3G/4G PIFA antenna. The rectangular shape of the MA208 is due to the large ground plane dedicated to a cellular antenna.  It is suitable for GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/WiMax and LTE giving high efficiencies and achieving excellent device TRP margins.

A front-end SAW filter on the GPS active patch antenna module inside, dramatically reduces noise and cross talk when the cellular system is in traffic mode.  The extended ground-plane used with the innovative cellular PIFA antenna, also enables the wide-band 2G/3G/4G response to deliver the highest performances possible with three meters of cable length.  The antenna maintains 20dB isolation between antennas.

Antennas are available now from Taoglas by contacting sales@taoglas.com or through distributors. .