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January 2020


IoT For All

CES 2020: Smart Tech Everywhere

"Based in Ireland, Taoglas is an established leader in antenna design and offers a comprehensive array of internal and external antennas for various applications in numerous frequency bands. Since IoT For All last visited them, Taoglas acquired Firmwave to move up the stack into providing fully integrated, end-to-end solutions. One such solution is Horsepal, offered by Horseware Ireland, which provides detailed location, activity, temperature and humidity through a unique battery-powered device that straddles the horse and connects to a downloadable app... "    


News 3 Las Vegas

CES 2020: Ireland-based tech company makes app that monitor horses’ health

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas wrapped up its final full day Thursday before 170,000 attendees head home. Some of this year’s offerings include wearable tech for horses. Ireland based company Horseware Products and Taoglas have teamed up to develop a special horse blanket with an electronic monitoring device that can be attached with Velcro. When connected over the cloud with the ‘Horsepal’ app, it allows the user to monitor almost every aspect of a horse’s health....""


Industry Herald24

Taoglas Exhibits the Future of IoT and Antenna Technology

"Taoglas®, the main supplier of cutting edge Internet of Things (IoT) arrangements, will feature its IoT EDGE portfolio inclusive of the EDGE Locate™ and the most current EDGE IoT Starter Kit for cutting edge IoT arrangements. Taoglas will likewise present its freshest receiving wire and RF structures just as show client applications, including a progressive IoT associated wellbeing answer for the equestrian business which screens a pony’s pulse, action, conduct, and GPS area continuously....."

December 2019



Meet the (one of the) men behind Taoglas, the Irish company working on next-gen IoT tech

"A ROOM OF E-SCOOTER enthusiasts gathered in the Solas Room of DCU’s U building to see the unveiling of a new GPS tech to find help find them. On a pretty miserable December morning, some of the crowd veered towards the large windows of the room to look at people spinning around DCU campus on blue scooters below. Ronan Quinlan, co-chief executive of Taoglas, pictured in the middle, was among the group. His company isn’t just a spectator, but rather bringing its considerable expertise in high-tech antennas and internet of things (IoT) to the table...."



Luna to pilot cm-level positioning for e-scooters in Dublin

"Blue Duck, a San Antonio-based electric scooter operator, is partnering with the Luna consortium and Dublin City University to trial centimetre-level GPS technology. The pilot project will take place on Dublin City University’s private campus. Luna is a telematic device which aims to enable scooter operators to pinpoint the location of their scooters with an accuracy of five centimetres. Current GPS technology’s accuracy is measured in metres....."


The Irish Times

US Electronic Scooter Operator to Pilot Irish GPS Technology



Centimetre-level positioning technology could pave way for e-scooters on our roads


Irish Tech News

U.S. Operator E-Scooter Blue Duck Inks Deal with Irish Scooter Tech Startup, Luna


RCR Wireless

Taoglas Evolving Beyond RF and Antennas in an Increasingly Complex IoT Market

November 2019



How IoT Can Make Your Home Safer and More Secure


Embedded Computing

Taoglas, u-blox Develop centimeter-level GNSS Positioning Solution for IoT Applications


Electronics Weekly

Taoglas and U-Blox bring centimeter-level positioning to IoT

October 2019


Financial News

Taoglas, Vodafone Ireland Design IoT Solutions on Application Platform


Light Reading

Taoglas Co-CEO Predicts Bright Future for Cellular 4G IoT Devices



Dual Band GNSS Module Provides Centimeter Level Accuracy



Vodafone Ireland selects Taoglas Edge connectivity for Invent IoT platform


RCR Wireless

Vodafone strikes NB-IoT roaming deal with AT&T, opens US IoT lab


Business Wire

Taoglas and Vodafone Ireland Design Next-Generation IoT Solutions on Application Platform


Business Wire

Taoglas Launches Edge Locate to Enable Centimeter Level GNSS Positioning