Taoglas to present at CTIA Super Mobility Week on best practices when launching M2M/IoT devices

Presentation with Morey Corporation & Numerex will cover the sequence of steps to help prevent catastrophic pitfalls that can delay launches

FXP524.D.07.C.001-2CTIA, Super Mobility Week, Las Vegas and San Diego, Calif. – Dermot O’Shea, President of leading M2M and IoT antenna provider Taoglas USA, Inc  will speak this Tuesday, September 9th at 11:30 a.m. on the Thought Leadership Stage 3 at CTIA’s Super Mobility Week in the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. The presentation includes real user examples from Taoglas customers: Diego Borrego, CTO of Morey Corporation, and Steve Hudson, Vice President of Business Development for Numerex Corp (NASDAQ:NMRX). Launching products on time is critical to a company’s success – delays result in lost opportunities and millions of dollars in revenue. The presenters will discuss their own launch experiences and outline the sequential steps companies should take when launching M2M/IoT applications. As devices and sensors spread throughout our lives like wildfires, connectivity becomes imperative.

Too often, however, companies rush the design process, or run into design issues, resulting in problems at the time of product launch. This can add significant expenses while revenue streams remain untapped.

“Problems with noise, interference and antenna issues can delay testing, field trials and launches, costing device manufacturers tens of thousands of dollars to redesign and repeat testing. More importantly, the lost opportunity and revenue can never be replaced. That’s why M2M and IoT developers need to think about design early in the production process to get things right the first time,” said Dermot O’Shea.

“The Morey Corporation and Numerex are veterans of product design, manufacturing and marketing. Diego and Steve will join me in spotlighting our own experiences and discussing what device manufacturers must consider when first building a device.”

The Morey Corporation uses a number of Taoglas antennas in its fleet management, remote tracking, and telematics devices. These include Taoglas’ custom GPS embedded antennas, such as the AP.17H; cellular embedded antennas, the PCS.03.A; and combination external antennas, including the MA104.C

“As someone who’s been involved in scores of new product launches, I’ve seen how important it is to keep things in line and on target,” said Diego Borrega of the Morey Corporation. “Delayed launches can kill momentum, if not a product’s chances altogether. Our presentation will explain how to avoid such predicaments.” Numerex incorporates Taoglas’ custom GPS and custom CDMA antennas into its Omnilink ankle-worn, offender tracking devices.

“Our IoT Solutions Showcase presentation will relate our vast experience in bringing M2M and IoT products to market, and will identify the many areas in design and development where trouble lurks,” said Numerex’s Steve Hudson.

“If companies know where and why things could go wrong, they’ll be well prepared, handle the challenges and get products launched on time and on budget.” In addition to the presentation, attendees to CTIA’s Super Mobility Week can visit Taoglas at booth #6029 and 7611-B in the M2M Pavilion at the Sands Expo and Convention Center from September 9-11.

Taoglas representatives will showcase antennas for M2M applications, including the recently launched Venti FXP524 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi antenna, and the Iridium Certified Spartan STS.01 smart antenna transceiver.