Upgrade to design facilities in San Diego

Taoglas draws on two decades of antenna and RF expertise to provide M2M and IoT device manufacturers with a valued 4G design and test service

San Diego – Taoglas USA, Inc. today announced that M2M and IoT device manufacturers will now have the resource of a full-service design and testing center that caters to 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and GNSS testing as well as providing antenna solutions and RF trouble-shooting assistance.

Located in San Diego, the chamber has been upgraded to support 4G LTE OTA (Over the Air) testing with Total Radiated Power, (TRP) and Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS) measurements as well as full Radiated Spurious Emission (RSE) testing that is required for PTCRB certification. The newly upgraded chamber will save device manufacturers the time and money associated with designing when they do not know performance numbers or when waiting for results from external sources.

All antenna testing and active device pretesting can be done in-house so customers know exactly what their performance numbers are prior to submitting devices for certification. Antenna isolation and efficiency requirements for new 4G LTE systems mean additional testing requirements and greater design challenges. For LTE Advanced, there are more stringent over-the-air requirements and additional active device testing that need to be done to meet type and carrier approvals.

“That’s where the newly upgraded chamber comes in to help,” said Dermot O’Shea, joint managing director and president of Taoglas USA.

“We’ve invested $1 million in this new chamber, which will give the IoT and M2M industry a solution when problems arise. Devices can be tested throughout the design process, from concept to completion. Taoglas can ensure that devices pass the first time, on time, and enjoy the higher upload and download speeds promised by LTE Advanced.”

“We have been pleasantly surprised how quickly demand has grown for 4G LTE applications in M2M and IoT products,” continued O’Shea.


“The 2G sunset has meant that device makers want to future-proof devices as well as bring them up to the highest specification for maximum upload and download. Taoglas’ added value is that we have two decades of expertise designing and manufacturing antennas for all kinds of M2M devices. If there’s a problem with noise control or with emissions getting into a radio system, we know not only how to test and identify the problem, but we know what to do to fix it.”

The newly upgraded anechoic chamber complements Taoglas’ two other anechoic chambers — one in Ireland for the European market and another in Taiwan for the Asian market. The new advanced test and design center is open for business. Contact nasales@taoglas.com